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From a yacht owner’s perspective, chartering is the chance to turn an investment in leisure into an opportunity to generate revenue; truly the best decision you can make after purchasing your yacht. Placing Yachts In Turkey your boat into charter service can substantially reduce the cost of ownership, while also enhancing its re-sale value by establishing a favorable reputation in the global charter marketplace.As experts in this field, our marketing strategies are international, utilizing many promotional tools such as internet marketing, e-newsletters, corporate catalogues and advertising, as well as top-producing charter brokers around the world.

Yacht charter group turkey


Turkey is among the most yacht charter in bodrum magnificent and interesting countries in the world where east meets west. During your voyage you and your loved ones will experience the breathtaking views of the sea with a myriad of shades of colors ranging from turquoise to indigo blue. You will also be cruising along the virgin coastlines to witness Turkish gulet holidays the secluded coves, picturesque Turkish fishing villages and the remains of ancient treasures dating back from the ionian,carian and lycian civilizations, such as tombs constructed on the mountain slopes and sunken remains of a city. You will be observing the sunset like a fireball disappearing slowly into the depths of the sea.

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Turkish Riviera is a paradise yacht cruise turkey that should be explored preferablble with a luxury yacht charter. Our expert charter brokers will consult and advise you to select the most appropriate yatch charter in meeting your special needs and desires. The Gulets are hand crafted in Bodrum where the finest quality of craftmanship exist to carve mahogany and teak and Gulets are designed to provide you with the most memorable holidays in Turkey.


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Turk Yacht besides offering over 300 varieties blue cruise holidays in turkey of luxurious yachts and excellent crew service has also an extraordinary event planning service for your special occasions. Turk Yacht proudly organizes birthday parties for your family and friends, anniversary celebrations, business meetings, non-profit organization fundraisings and many other similar events and celebrations while traveling along the beautiful crystal blue coasts of Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. blue cruise holidays Commemorate your special days or events with an unforgettable luxury yacht sailing experience and the best quality service you deserve on a private yacht. Your special occasions deserve momentous stories and experiences which we can make them happen. Leave the organization in the good hands of Turk Yacht and enjoy your upper class journey in the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Greece and Turkey. Get away from your routine and daily hassles and concentrate on relaxing and taking pleasure of the natural and luxurious beauties that we can offer. Turk Yacht crew will provide you the best service and comfort on board. Private charter offers very flexible choices of entertainments. We can list those as traveling through unusually beautiful Greek and Turkish islands of Aegean Sea, discovering a new culture, learning the ancient sites, exploring the cultural and historical beauties going back thousands of years, walking through the ancient streets and visiting temples of ancient Greek Gods.

Blue is favourite of enthusiasts, Gocek


Gocek depends on Fethiye that is a county of Muğla. Gocek is one of the favourite vacation towns. Especially it is one of places which are famous for sailing. Gocek is only 22 km far away the International Dalaman Airport. You can listen nature and silence while you are doing the sailing in Gocek’s coves. You can see all tones of the blue and green closely.

Gocek’s coves are one of the places which are prefered for the sailing tours much more. You can see the luxury yachts in the summer months closely. In period which is called the lively season, Gocek is very crowded. This town is famous for the sailing tours much more. Because it has natural beauties and clear marine. It also has the marinas which yachts can be anchored easily.

You can have the nice times with your friends, family or relatives in your luxury yacht you have chartered from gulet charter Gocek firm. Perhaps, you may stay during your vacation in Gocek’s coves. Gocek has the worth seeing natural beauties. Gocek’s community tries to entertain visitors with these beauties very well.

Many native and foreign visitors are entertained in this town. Gocek is known abroad, too. The town has identified itself with the sailing tours. You can relax yourself with its green nature. The sailing tours start in April and go on until October. There are a lot of activities you can do in every month of year in Gocek.

By Gocek yacht club, two different Regattas are organised in May and November every year. Many native and foreign competitors join in these races. Participators have amusing times with the marine sports which are organised.

Turkyacht serves the sailing tours for this popular town. We entertain our native and foreign visitors in our luxury yachts with gulet charter Gocek. You can look through our favourite rods and luxury yachts in our website. You can have both amusing and unforgettable times with your friends, family or relatives.

There are six yacht harbours in Gocek. The town has got its coves and islands in safe and wide gulf. It has also got natural beauty and clear marine. So, it is very attractive for the sailing tours. You may have the chance to do an amusing and unforgettable sailing.


pamukkale2There may be someone who asked for what should be done and seen in Pamukkale. Pamukkale which hosted many civilizations in the past, is riched for cultural heritages.Necropolis cemetery, Apollon temple, historical theatres and travertines are in must be seen places. It offers unforgettable moments to visitors both historical and cultural places. It can’t be able to impressed by these beauties.

People who had visited Pamukkale, may want to see Southern coasts. There are many alternatives for holiday in South. Blue cruise is one of the most popular in recent years. Turkyacht gulet charter hosts blue cruise addicts with Bodrum tours. Please visit our website for luxury yacht fleet androutes. You should contact us for your questions and requests.You may find enough informations about the tours. Route lists locate on our website. http://www.turkyacht.com/

Priene Miletus and Didyma Tour in Turkey


Priene lies in Güllübahçe at a distance of 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Söke town nearby Kusadasi, in the Aegean region of Turkey. The city was founded in the 2nd millennium BC in an unknown location nearby and then carried to its present location on the clifs around 350 BC. The visit of the archeological site requires some steep walking up after the car park, following a footpath and some steps through the Hellenistic city walls.


Miletus is located in the vicinity of Söke town, nearby Kusadasi, in the Aegean region of Turkey). The city was built on the seashore in the ancient times. The Miletus people who had founded about 90 colonies in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, after 650 BC, had resisted the Persian invasions in Anatolia, but they were defeated finally and the city was destroyed by the Persians in 5th century BC.

When you arrive at the ruins, the magnificent theater of the city appears in sight at first. The theater had been constructed during the Hellenistic period and it acquired its present characteristics by means of the annexes made during the Roman period. The walls of the front facade of the theater are 140 meters long and 30 meters high, and are an interesting example of stone workmanship. The theater was large enough to hold 24.000 people, but a fortress was built upon it during the Byzantine period seizing its capacity down to 15.000 people.


Didyma (nearby Didim, in the Aegean region of Turkey) was a cult center for the city of Miletus. It is located in the present day village of Yeniköy, about 15 kilometers (10 miles) from the site of Miletus. In ancient times, these two cities were connected to each other by a sacred road that had statues located on either side of it.

The Didymaion, the temple of Apollo and its oracle at Didyma, had a considerable reputation in the ancient times. German archaeologists excavating at the site have shown that the earliest sanctuary here was built in the 8th century BC and that it was enlarged into an enormous temple around 560 BC. After their bloody suppression of the Ionian rebellion, the Persians sacked and laid waste to Miletus (which they regarded as the instigator) and the Didymaion in 494 BC. It was during this assault that the temple’s cult statue of Apollo was carried off to Ecbatana (modern Hamadan town in Iran). After Alexander the Great defeated the Persians in 334 BC, the Ionian cities regained their independence and work was begun on reconstructing the temple of Apollo.